“They are extremely knowledgeable about employment law. They keep us updated about changes in the industry and forecast trends. Then, they make sure we are in compliance and protected, so we can avoid potential risks.”

– CEO of Regional Restaurant Chain

“I value outside counsel who have the ability to get my attention when appropriate, not waste my time, and get to the crux of the issues in a lawsuit in order to allow me to respond efficiently and make the best decisions. Glenn and his team have an uncanny ability to do that for me.”

 – Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for a National Retailer

“I get more of a personal touch with Glenn and his team, a feeling I do not get from typical larger firms. Everyone on the team is familiar with my case and what I am asking, and they are extremely competent.”

– Counsel for a National Manufacturing Company

“I have been working with Glenn and his team for more than 10 years. They are incredibly responsive, very knowledgeable about the law and extremely adaptable for seeing the grey, not just black and white.”

– Senior Vice President, Human Resources in the Luxury Hospitality Industry